Reshaping It All: Chapter 18


Hi Ladies! Ashleigh here.

This is our last week in our discussion of Reshaping It All: Motivation for Physical and Spiritual Fitness. On Thursday, we wrap up this book club selection. As I mentioned before, if you’ve fallen behind, we’re also still talking about the previous chapters here — so keep those comments coming.

Chapter 18 is my favorite in the book. For me, it is a “word in due season.” As the mom of four daughters, I needed to be reminded to train my daughters in healthy ways to eat.

You see, I’ve grown sloppy.

Normally, I keep fresh fruit and veggies within reach in our kitchen. They stand front and center in baskets on the counter, just begging to be eaten. And they are. But the last month has found us in a busy season. I don’t care to admit how many times we ate pizza over the weekend. And vegetables? Well, do the peppers and onions on the pizzas count? But Candace’s words in this chapter leave me convicted and freshly motivated. She writes:

If we are training our bodies, it’s so important that we train our kids as well. Not that we’re putting them on a diet but that they’re learning what types of food are good for them. What are carbohydrates? What are proteins? What are sugars, and what types are good for you? What types of fats are good, and how much should you eat? These are questions we should be providing the answers to. It’s good for us to know, but it’s equally important that we teach our children.”

Just as soon as I learn the answers to all of those questions, I think a class on nutrition is in our near homeschooling future.

Let’s hear what Darlene has to share on this chapter.

Through my own journey and the writing of this book, I found scripture after scripture that ministered to my personal struggle with self-control and weight loss. My greatest encouragement comes from the knowledge that God understands our struggles and that He offers us tools to overcome our battle with the flesh, including our struggle with appetite.

The greatest tool He offers us in fighting temptation is the exemplified life of Jesus Christ whose strength was clothed by the life of a meek and humble servant.

Although our walk is far from one of perfection, we have the same opportunity to leave a legacy for others to follow — to be an exemplified life. Our children are watching every step that we take, and the choices we make are setting a pattern for their future.

Enjoy the journey, and until next time, choose well!!

Darlene Schacht

Your turn. Here are a few questions to start our discussion:

  • Were you raised to understand good nutrition? If so, what tools did your parents give you? If not, how do you want to do better with your own children?
  • I don’t feel equipped enough to teach my kids about nutrition. What about you? Any good websites or books geared toward kids you can recommend?
  • What’s your favorite thought from this chapter?
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Reshaping It All: Chapter 18

by Ashleigh Slater time to read: 2 min