Relish this Remarkable Ride

Relish This Remarkable Ride

My wedding day was pure magic. What was forecasted as a stormy day ended up being slightly cloudy with rays of sunshine peeking through the clouds at just the right moments for pictures. Sixteeen months of planning had led up to the moment I would walk down the aisle and call the man I loved my husband for the first time. I couldn’t stop smiling as we said, “I do” and kissed as man and wife for the first time and headed over to the reception hall to celebrate.

Earlier that day, a friend gave me advice that stuck with me the entire day. She said, “At some point, stop and take in the moment and freeze that picture in your mind.” I had my chance at the reception. Everyone sat down, speeches had been made, the pastor prayed over the meal, and I finally got a moment to breathe. My friend’s advice came to mind, and I let the world stop for a moment. I slowly took in the moment as I looked out at our friends and family, and I let that memory sit in my mind. Over 10 years later, the memory still lingers clearly. I remember the decorations, how the tables were arranged, the music playing, and the laughter. I also remember the joy I felt in that moment sitting next to my forever husband, ready to live life together.

Recently, I watched the movie About Time, and a quote from the movie really hit me: “All we can do is do our best to relish this remarkable ride.”

Do we really do that? Or do we let the busy-ness of life get carried away to the point where we rarely have the chance to truly experience it?

We often let our to-do lists and activities take over our lives to the point where we are rushing from one thing to the next. We don’t have a chance to even stop for a moment to ask ourselves what just happened.

I encourage you to step back and really take a look at your life today. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What do I have to get done today and what can wait?
  2. Are there any activities my family can step back from in order to allow more time together to just enjoy life?
  3. Do I need to step away from the phone more? Is it keeping me from experiencing life with those around me?
  4. Do you have take a moment to step back and just take the time to soak in the moments that are happening right then?

Life is full of beauty. However, we often don’t lift up our heads, take a deep breath, and relish in it. Today, take time to notice the beauty in God’s creation. Watch your kids play and take in the details of how they play, how they smile, and how they interact. Hug your husband a little longer today and take in how his touch makes you feel. Smile at yourself in the mirror and take in the beautiful details God specifically chose just for you.

Don’t let the next day go by without creating a memory to relish for the rest of time.

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After two years of in and out depression following the adoption of her two little girls, Ginny discovered the true joy of motherhood. Her mission is to help others find this same joy in their lives through an intimate relationship with Christ. When she isn't having dance parties with her kids, going on foodie dates with her husband, or singing at the top of her lungs to Disney soundtracks, she enjoys a good chai from Starbucks, watches Downton Abbey, and gets giddy over finding a thrilling new book series. You will also find her sharing her joy moments and faith at Joy from Grace and Deliberate Women.

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Relish this Remarkable Ride

by Ginny Hannan time to read: 2 min