Articles by Liz Hansen

Liz Beachy Hansen is a scriptwriter and story developer for Orange, a nonprofit committed to influencing the hearts and minds of the next generation by providing tools for churches to partner with families. She and her husband, David, produce promotional and narrative films through their production company, Arclight Studios. They live in Marietta, Georgia, with their lab/chow mix Nina, Bane of Squirrels.


The Hobbit: A Review

The question that haunted us as we left the theater didn’t have to do with scene breaks or the nuances of dialogue. Instead, I wondered: What adventures am I ignoring that could change me forever … if I dared to say “yes”?


The Hunger Games

That’s where I think “The Hunger Games” grips its audience. More than ever, this generation, all of us, are latching onto stories to help us make sense of our lives.


The Comfort Zone

Remember that scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where Indy reaches the edge of a cliff? Actually, he ends up cliffhanging on plenty of occasions — but this time he’s following instructions that tell him to step out into nothingness in order to find the bridge. He steps. The bridge materializes beneath his…

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