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Gifted with one beautiful daughter for her tenth wedding anniversary and another for her twentieth, high school English teacher turned homeschooling mom Rhonda Owens is passionate about the Word. She loves nothing more than to study it, talk about it, write about it, apply it, live it and teach it ... all preferably accompanied by deep community and good chocolate. Exploring with husband Mitchell and her two girls is a favorite pastime, and you might find them snorkeling, hiking, or kayaking in a remote corner of God’s world — or simply walking in the woods behind their home in little Bryan, Ohio. Co-author of the book Undivided: A Family Devotional: Living FOR And Not Just WITH One Another , her writing can also be discovered at Additionally, you can find Rhonda on Facebook, Instagram (rhonda_owens) or at where she contributes regularly.

Dangerously Vulnerable

Dangerously Vulnerable

I want to live a more uncomfortable, dangerously vulnerable life — even if it means a few “blood-sucking worms” (or much worse) wreaks havoc along the way.

The Impractical, Uncomfortable Call of God

The Impractical, Uncomfortable Call of God

Some friends of ours moved their four children (all under the age of 10) to Costa Rica for a one-year language school intensive in preparation for service in medical missions to the highland Indians in the mountains of Peru. A popular high school homecoming queen from Brentwood, Tennessee, made her home in the Masese community…

To Those Who Want to be Truly Happy: Stop Chasing Happiness

To Those Who Want To Be Truly Happy: Stop Chasing Happiness

Happiness is pleasing and cheerful, euphoric and merry. Who doesn’t want to be “on top of the world,” “over the moon” or “on cloud nine?” No one, that’s who! There is a little problem with happiness, though. It’s one of those emotions that doesn’t hang around for a long time. We get a little taste…

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