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Samantha Krieger is a writer and editor in Dallas, Texas. Through story, personal reflection, and biblical insight she is passionate about helping others live out their faith in everyday life. Prior to becoming a stay-at-home mom, she wrote Bible study curriculum for Bluefish TV -- one of the largest Christian video publishing companies. She's written for LifeWay's Collegiate Magazine, Focus on the Family Magazine,, and has contributed to books on Christian living. She holds a B.A. in English from Liberty University and a M.A. in Religion with an emphasis in Church Ministries from Liberty Theological Seminary. Samantha and her husband, Jeremiah, have three children: John, Rebekah, and Hannah. She blogs weekly at: and tweets at: @samanthakrieger.

The Next Step

The Next Step

In difficult circumstances, the next step is all that’s required of me. My responsibility is to be faithful and obedient to the Lord.


Fierce Women: A Review

From start to finish, “Fierce Women” is one of the most honest, refreshing, and engaging books I’ve ever read on the marriage relationship when it comes to how wives relate to their husbands.


The Next Step

It has felt like boot camp every time I’ve gone. The women to my right and left are trim, toned, and can lift the heavy weights. My mid-section is a bit pudgy being six weeks out of having my third child and I have to choose the light weights as a beginner. As we dive…


Pondering Pet Peeves

I’d just found a comfy chair to work on a writing deadline I had for an article. I listened to the faint chatter around me and opened my laptop anxious to flesh out some words on the blank screen. Then out of the corner of my eye a man in his 40’s plops down in…


Going Home

My heart was heavy with such a big change on the horizon. Jackie, our Senior Publisher who I worked closely with, had just peeped into my office to say she couldn’t believe I was packing up my things. I couldn’t either. Everything felt so surreal. Two and a half years ago, God had given me…


An Uptown Confession

Ashley and I strolled down the sidewalk in uptown Dallas. On a restaurant patio, waiters dished out fine Mexican cuisine to men and women chatting and laughing after a long day’s work. We glanced into the store windows that displayed the hottest trends in fashion, jewelry, and accessories, and were suddenly distracted by the Maserati…


Just Like Eve

A few months ago, a “blonde” moment helped shed some new light on my marriage and my sin. I woke up this particular morning exhausted from being up several times with our newborn son. My husband, Jeremiah, was cooking eggs in the kitchen while I was getting ready back in our bedroom—with my son latched…

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