Words from the Other Woman: An Interview with Rebecca Halton

Rebecca Halton didn’t set out to have an affair with a married man. But for six months in her early twenties, that’s exactly what she did. The girl who grew up in a Christian home, attended a Christian college, and had always judged “the adulterous woman,” found herself in a situation she never anticipated. That’s…


Soul Check with Sarah Kittle

Although the American Dream includes a college education, it’s not always the path God takes individuals on to reach the goals and plans He’s prepared for them. Just look at actress and author, Candace Cameron Bure; CCM artist, actress, and author, Rebecca St. James; and my sister, Sarah Kittle. Sarah is the producer, director, editor,…


The Good Wife’s Guide: An Interview with Darlene Schacht

Today was one of those days. Let’s just say my three-year-old was in anything but rare form. By dinner, I told my husband, “She’s your child for the rest of the day.” I felt justified in my frustration and anger with her. After all, did she really have to scream as we walked the aisles…


Money Talk with Crystal Paine

Last spring we cancelled our DirecTV service. Ted’s second layoff in twelve months – the first due to budget cuts, the second to reorganization — forced us to realize we couldn’t afford it any longer. The money we were spending on entertainment needed to be put to better use. You know, stuff like groceries and…


Ask Arlene: An Interview with Arlene Pellicane

In 2004, six years before author and speaker Arlene Pellicane’s first book, 31 Days to a Younger You: No Surgery, No Diets, No Kidding, lined the shelves of Christian bookstores and filled Amazon shopping carts, I ate Christmas dinner with her. My husband Ted had attended grad school with Arlene and her husband, James, but…


The Real Couple Behind “The Vow”

It was November 24, 1993. Newlyweds Kim and Krickett Carpenter headed west from their home in Las Vegas, New Mexico, toward Phoenix, Arizona. They planned to spend their first Thanksgiving as a married couple with Krickett’s parents. But they never made it to the house that night. There was an accident. Their white Ford escort…


Growing Up Cameron: An Interview with Barbara Cameron

Barbara Cameron was your typical stay-at-home mom. She played chauffeur, baked cookies, and relied on Cameron family staples, such as turkey tacos, to keep her family fed. Her weeks were filled with outings to the beach, trips through the McDonalds’ drive thru, and teaching her four children good, solid morals. Together with husband Robert, she…

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