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These are our shorter — yep, “sip-like” — posts. They’re daily. They’re encouraging. They’re meant to start conversation. And, yes, sometimes they discuss Legos and sundaes.


Elizabeth: Faith for the Barren Years

She had kept the letter of the law. And not only in the outward sense, but she was righteous before God. For years she’d lived a life that was blameless before the Lord. She was not perfect, of course, but Scripture records not one word of reproach about her life. Still, she was barren. And…


Doubtless Love

Just like the woman in my neighborhood, I doubt love. I take convincing. But what if I didn’t?


The Slow Wean

When my daughter Savannah turned two in 2010, we entered the dreaded season of pacifier weaning. It was hard. Very hard. She was not happy to lose her precious “Night Night,” as she called it. The thing is, I understood all too well. You see, it had only been two months since I’d experienced a…


The Path to Life

The morning air was still fresh and crisp as we plodded forward on our hike to the peak. We had barely begun our ascent when my five-year-old arched his neck, pointed his chin to the sky, and spotted the goal at hand. “We’re almost there, Mom,” he concluded. His first time ever walking this trail,…

Christmas Books for Kids

Christmas Books for Kids

One of my favorite things to do December 1st is pull out our special stash of Christmas books. There’s nothing like snuggling down into the couch while the Christmas tree lights twinkle and reading a good story. I’m constantly looking for new ones to add to our collection. Here’s a few of the titles we’re…


Living Community

Last weekend, I witnessed community. I witnessed community when a friend’s toilet got blocked and he called us to borrow our plunger. He could’ve just gone to the store to buy one, but he chose to drive to our house to borrow ours. Community. At church, one kid needed a new diaper and the parents…


Fullness of Joy

“You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” (Psalm 16:11 ESV) Joy is found in Jesus. In His presence. It’s as simple and as hard as that. If I’m experiencing joylessness, I’m not fully entering into relationship with Jesus,…


Christmas Favorites: Phil Wickman’s “Songs for Christmas”

My husband Paul introduced me to Phil Wickman. Paul has a pretty awesome job, touring Christian musicians throughout our beautiful country of Canada. It is rare, however, that I tag along. A brief window of opportunity became available last year, and I didn’t waste a minute to pack my overnight bag and head to Quebec…


Christmas Favorites: Eric Schrotenboer’s “Bethlehem”

When I close my eyes and think about curling up in front of a toasty fireplace with a steaming mug of hot chocolate at the end of a long December day, one particular Christmas CD comes to mind. It’s Eric Schrotenboer’s solo piano album, Bethlehem, and it’s the perfect compilation of instrumental Christmas songs to…


Christmas Favorites: Selah’s “Rose of Bethlehem”

Today it feels like winter has arrived. It is cold, damp, and grey outside. I decided to make some chocolate chip cookies to cozy up our afternoon. With Thanksgiving over and December here, I decided it was time for some Christmas music. I reached for one of my favorite albums, Selah’s Rose of Bethlehem. Although…


Christmas Favorites: Steven Curtis Chapman’s “Joy”

Steven Curtis Chapman is one of the few artists I’ve listened to for over 20 years. Yeah, I’m dating myself. Give me a minute to digest how old I feel right now. Okay, we can move on. I still remember buying his 1990 album, For the Sake of the Call, on cassette tape. Although, not…


Overnight Biceps

At a mere five years of age, the idea is already firmly planted in his mind: big muscles are cool. Not only is he convinced that big muscles are cool, but he is also sure that he wants them. Determined to get them, actually. He studies intently the way his elder brother attempts a push-up,…


A Girl and Her Emotions

When I found out the ladies’ retreat theme my church was holding this year was on emotions, I admit I inwardly groaned. That’s not for me, I thought. As someone who has previously prided herself on her stoicism, feeling emotionally out-of-control has not typically been an area I’ve felt weak in. If anything, I more…


The Curse of the Tall Man

My daughter Ava’s birthday fell on Black Friday this year. While other Atlanta locals combed Wal-Mart, Atlantic Station, and IKEA for the best deals on HDTVs, Banana Republic blouses, and LACK side tables, our family attended the Center for Puppetry Arts’ morning performance of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. I think everyone else who wasn’t shopping…


Real Nutrition

When I was little I remember sprawling on the red and white tiled linoleum floor of the kitchen looking at the glossy pages of my mom’s Good Housekeeping and Betty Crocker cookbooks. I was drawn to the beauty of food, the mouth-watering feasts and intricately decorated desserts. And I still love food. I love to…


Sundae Theology

Paperwork. Applications. Fees. Months of waiting. More paperwork. More fees. More waiting. Medical exams. Immunizations. X-rays. More money. Long drives. Interviews. More money. After two years of waiting, our family is finally coming to the final stages of the immigration process from Cape Town, South Africa, to the United States. Upon hearing that one of…


Black Friday and the Allure of Legos

This year, for the first time in my married life, I seriously considered leaving the comfort of my quiet, warm Craftsman-style house and pink Aeropostale sweat pants to brave the wilds of “Black Friday.” For me, that’s a big deal. You see, I don’t like crowds. I avoid malls and Wal-Mart on normal weekends like…

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