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Our online magazine is interested in:

  • nonfiction, first-person narrative articles
  • book reviews (examples of what were are looking for are here and here)
  • film reviews (examples are here and here)
  • articles offering practical advice on day-to-day topics that appeal to our 20-30 something audience (examples are here and here)
  • interviews (examples are here and here)

All submissions should be compatible with a biblical worldview.

Please send a query first to We will not read unsolicited manuscripts. Allow 2-4 weeks for a response. Queries should include the article title, summary, purpose, word count, your writing qualifications, a link to your blog if you have one (so we can get a taste of your writing style), and your contact information. The query should be included in the body of the email, not in an attached file. We will not open an attached file unless we’ve requested it.

If we like your query and ask to see the article, it should range between 700-1100 words.

All writing is voluntary. We do not offer compensation. If your submission is accepted for publication, we reserve the right to make edits and changes to it. Additionally, we will have exclusive rights to your article for 60 days after it’s posted on Ungrind — aside from the non-exclusive rights we grant to Faith Village for Ungrind articles. Following the 60 days, we will have non-exclusive rights to the article, and it will remain in our archives. Also, by submitting an article you are agreeing to allow Faith Village to republish it with non-exclusive rights.

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