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Messy Lessons

Ellie’s spit-up hits the floor with a slap, a puddle of curdled milk on my recently cleaned hardwood floors. I know that the process of wiping it up will not only soil yet another burp cloth from the stack that just came out of the wash, but that it will also leave an unsightly smear…


Sleep Training

At about six weeks of age, my daughter Ellie started sleeping through the night, regularly snuggled into her Moses basket for eight to ten straight hours without so much as a peep. I’d expected it to take months and lots of painful sleep training to get her to accomplish this feat, so I was elated…


The Fruit of Barrenness

During the year in which my husband CJ and I tried unsuccessfully to conceive a child, I thought often about the word “barren.” According to Webster’s Dictionary, barren means “incapable of producing offspring” and can also be described as “devoid” or “lacking.” It is not death exactly, but it is akin to death. Death describes…

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