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Penciled in Plans

Sometimes God leads in ways I don’t expect. It all started with an email from my academic advisor. In a few straightforward sentences, her words unraveled my plans for the upcoming semester. For months, I’d planned to participate in a missions and mountaineering program in Yosemite and Ecuador. I looked forward to visiting the famed…


Finding God in Glacier

My husband Brad and I departed Many Glacier Lodge in Montana’s Glacier National Park at dawn as the sun glinted golden over Swiftcurrent Lake. We hiked most of the morning through thick forest, our breath misting into the crisp air. I was not a happy hiker. I complained a lot on the 11-mile trek: the…


Off the Ledge

A canopy of trees stretched before me. Crystals of sunlight pierced through the thick forest, providing a sliver of warmth to the otherwise cool day. My eyes barely processed the beauty in front of me. The only thing I could focus on was my stomach tied in a web of complex knots that could put…


Follow Me

My childhood was filled with Sunday School songs and stories about Jesus calling His disciples to “follow Him.” I was challenged to be a “fisher of men” like them. As I look back, I realize how numb I was to the reality of what those stories were saying. These men were in the middle of…


North to Adventure

“You’re doing what?!” “I didn’t know you two were even thinking about this.” “Why?” “Is this you submitting to your husband or is this what you actually want to do?” “He has to realize it’s unreasonable to expect you to do that!” These were the responses I got when I told family, friends, and strangers…

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