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The Butterfly Effect

My eyes strain to open as I push through to complete the butterfly stroke to the other end of the pool. However, there’s too much churn in the water created by my young arms, as well as from the wave that keeps overwhelming me. I finally stop, emerge heaving, and, while treading water, I exclaim…


The Journey In Between

Living in a small town isn’t always like a storybook. Ask a friendly local for the fastest way to get somewhere, and the shortcuts are usually just urban—or in this case, rural—legends. Though I do love the small town life, it’s taken me awhile to get acclimated to my little town’s culture and my place…


The Exact Same

When we decided to come back home, I fearfully whispered to my husband, “Aren’t we giving them the exact same?” The Exact Same was what we both had, growing up in that town. Would it be OK for our offspring, as it had been for us? I was worried that we weren’t doing it right…


Cry Baby

A houseful of brothers to an only girl is a lot of things. It’s mostly what you’d imagine — smelly, loud, and masculine. Among the sympathetic smiles and advice I received, no one ever mentioned to me that the struggles of being an only daughter would follow me even after my 18-year stint at home….


The Early Experiment

The perfect experiment should, for the most part, go smoothly. Just a hypothesis, a variable, a few simple actions, and suddenly, the outcome could change everything. My sixth grade science teacher gave me this information with a smile when she handed out a sheet of paper in my class explaining the yearly science fair. Every…


A View from the Top

I don’t want to admit it. I may even regret writing it. But, here it is: I’m a worrier. It all started just as an annoying itch as a college student when I had percolating thoughts of my future. But now it’s grown into a silent mountain of fears that simultaneously yell, “What if?” This…


DSL and Donkeys

I have a confession. I live a whole other life. And it's online. At first, my internet habit was just a casual reference. Almost two years ago, I was a new mother of one challenging little newborn. My google search history told the tale of my daily challenges when it listed "colic," "vaccinations," "swaddling," and…


The Traveler’s Companion

Our families must have thought we were crazy. Newly married with a cat to boot, my husband and I kissed them goodbye, waved out our car windows and began a trek to Kentucky that would become more than just a long drive. Our U-haul truck was piled high with stuff we’d never need, but it…


Unreserved Kindness

Today one of my best friends buried his father. I was there, at the funeral, although I have to admit I was hesitant to go. A new mother to a three-month-old baby girl, I thought she, and everyone else, would appreciate her absence. But, even though he was grieving his father’s death, our friend insisted…


Newborn Peace

I never was a fan of the chorus, Peace Like a River. But that may be because as a faithful, but easily distracted, Christian teen, I remember mumbling the all too familiar lyrics in church as I scanned the pews for familiar faces. I may have even taken the opportunity to discuss Sunday lunch plans…

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