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Finding Me

“So what do you want to do?” Great. I thought I’d escaped the dreaded question at this family get together. We were just about to gather in the dining room for dinner when this particular relative brought it up. He does nearly every time I see him. “We’ll talk more after dinner.” At least I’d…


Friends Who Sharpen

A couple of years ago I missed the wedding of Angie, one of my best friends from high school. Angie was heartbroken. And I felt awful that I wasn’t there to celebrate with her. Sure, there was the excuse that we now lived hundreds of miles away from one another, but I could have found…


Count It All Joy

I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. There was toilet paper everywhere, not to mention a number of toys floating in the toilet. And did I see a few sitting comfortably on the bottom? Great. I was going to have to stick my hand in the toilet. Again. It looked like a tornado had…


Saving George

Growing up in a small town, as the daughter of the only doctor, I was deemed the rich kid and constantly teased about getting whatever I wanted. I hated it. In reality I didn’t get whatever I wanted. I didn’t get a car when I turned sixteen, and my parents were generous but had limits….


Simple Gestures

When my husband Justin was in graduate school, my son Maxwell and I would take frequent "dates" to Starbucks. Sure, he was only one, but we always had a good time together. He would get a whole milk while I sipped on a non-fat latte. Sometimes we’d even splurge and share a scone. On one…


The Couch War

"I can’t believe you are being so ridiculous! I’m not being irrational at all! Ugh! I’m leaving! I just need some peace and quiet!" I slammed the door, stormed out to my black V.W. Jetta, got in, and drove. Sure, it was two in the morning. Sure, I had no idea where I was going….


Rediscovering the Savior

When my husband Justin and I decided to move over 800 miles away from our family and friends, away from the known to the very unknown, we asked ourselves more than once, "Are we sure about this?" We realized there was no turning back when the company Justin would be working for sent a relocation…


The Gift of Home

I used to fear the doorbell. I was afraid of someone stopping by to find me and my house in shambles. Dirty laundry strewn outside the laundry room. Milk spills, coffee rings, and cereal bowls left out on the kitchen table. Crumbs on the floor. Bills and paperwork scattered all over the counter. Me in…


No Strings Attached

Alright. I can admit it. There have been a few times when as soon as I hear the garage door open, I stand ready for the pass-off. As soon as my husband Justin walks in, I shove our crying one-year-old into his arms before he can even get his shoes off. I proceed to tell…


Encouraged to Grow

Nicole and I have been best friends since birth. Literally. We were born one month and three days apart. Our mothers are sisters, so as cousins, we spent a lot of time together because our families did. We went on camping trips, celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas together, and even shared the same "home sweet home"…

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