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Selling My Soul for Shoes

My eyes glittered with excitement. I placed the shoes reverently on the counter. I was at a local thrift store and had found a pair of perfect shoes. Crosstrainers. They fit like a dream. I practiced dancing in them. Yep, they worked. Perfect. You see I’m a huge fan of Zumba. It’s been a while…



I am so tired of it. So tired of cleaning up throw up. So tired of changing another blasted diaper. So tired of trying to discipline my children. So tired of being overwhelmed, inadequate, and insufficient. I grab a roll of paper towels and some Lysol cleaning product and get to work. I try to…


The Great Mommy Escape

The door opens. I hear the creeping patter of little feet. Hushed whispers—and then it comes—like little cubs playfully attacking their mother, I’m sprung on by the oldest two of my four children. “Get up! Get up!” they excitedly demand. “I’m hungry. I want breakfast.” I gently lay aside my nursing infant to take on…


Wooed Over Italian

"Which sweater is better to wear on a date? The pink or the green?" A look of horror crossed my husband Mike’s face. "Pink. What do you mean, date?" I giggled nervously. How would I explain? Embarrassed, I shared with Mike what God had put on my heart. "Well, I feel like God wants me…


Birthdays with Jesus

December 7th has always been a very special day in my family. It’s the day we get our Christmas tree and is my sister Libby’s birthday. While I was growing up, every year on her birthday we’d bundle up, get in the car, and drive to some remote lot to retrieve our valuable pine tree….


Serve Like You Mean It

I was stuck. Trapped. A marooned whale flat on my back. "Bed rest," the doctor insisted. All because my body had gone into pre-term labor trying to birth my son who swam in an amniotic pool three times the size of the ones most other mommies give their babies. I’d been diagnosed with polyhydramneous, a…

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