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Friendship Among Women

When my husband and I were newlyweds, we moved to Portland, Oregon. Those first few weeks in Portland were unsettling — we slept on a stranger’s hardwood floor, caring for her ailing kitten, while adjusting to college. Oregon (not “Or-e-gone” as I quickly learned) was both magnificent and disorienting. As dazzled as I was by…


Rachel’s Tears

Aslan’s death so filled their minds that they hardly thought of it…. And down they both knelt in the wet grass and kissed his cold face and stroked his beautiful fur — what was left of it — and they cried till they could cry no more. And then they looked at each other and…


How Mothering Makes More of Us

In the Boundless article "Motherhood on Trial," Megan Basham shared the stories of women who are voluntarily childless (as well those who had children but regret it). Some of these women equated child-rearing with personal and professional obliteration: They feared it would strain their marriages, destroy their careers, and compromise their autonomy. Others claimed that…

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