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Audrey Assad’s Heart: A Review

Audrey writes from her heart, and through her music God speaks to my heart. What seemed like a random click on an album link over a year ago now appears as a divine provision of encouragement.


An Undistracted Life

Technology steals my time. I’ll quickly check Facebook, I tell myself. But a quick check becomes an hour-long foray: scrolling through status messages, chatting with a friend who happens to be online, and skimming multiple photo albums. Coming to my senses while clicking through photos of people I don’t know, I feel alarmed. What am…


Nurtured and Grown

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines nurture as “training, upbringing.” When I step back and look at the way I was nurtured as a child and young adult, I can see the faithfulness of God in the words and actions of my parents. It is surprising that a young couple starting out with a screaming baby (me), feeling…


Making the Grade

“What do you do?” Each time I meet someone, I’m faced with this question. As I grew into adulthood, answering it became second-nature, and when I hear it, the little speech I’ve prepared comes tumbling out of my mouth. The oft-rehearsed speech changes a little from year to year, and is usually painless to deliver….


The Quiet Gift

“I feel like I’ve done all the talking,” I apologized, pausing for breath at the end of a lengthy monologue. “It’s all right,” my friend Jana replied. “You needed to process. I know you’d listen to me if I needed to talk.” I remembered the times I have listened to her verbally process doubts, insecurities,…


Running Out of Strength

For years, I avoided running. Visions of sweating, panting, and possibly hurting myself were enough to keep me away from the pastime. Besides, I have a hereditary trait that causes my face to turn a brilliant shade of fire engine red when I exercise. My face doesn’t sweat — it glows — and feels like…


The Invisible Monster

“I guess we’ll see you in August!” “Yeah.” I felt like I was on an amusement park ride, about to go over a near-vertical drop at breakneck speed. It was March 2006, and I’d just gotten off the phone with the residence life director at a boarding school in Germany. After the completion of an…


Successful Failure

The smell of new books wafted from the cardboard box. The names Shakespeare, C.S. Lewis, and Sophocles danced across glossy covers. It was going to be a great year. I’d be using my college degree, doing something I’d dreamed about for a long time. After two years of serving as residence staff at a school…


Woven Threads

I snuggled under the comforter, watching a movie on my laptop. Just as the hero was about to reveal his undying love for the heroine, I heard the scratchy notes of a violin from the next room. As the practice session commenced, I sighed, paused the movie, and leaned against my bedroom wall. A glance…


The Weightless Life

The guilt starts early. I wake up and look at the clock, blinking the sleep from my eyes to make sure. The digital numbers proclaim 8:06. I've done it again. The alarm went off at 7:30, but I silenced it and fell back to sleep. Instead of spending that half hour with God, I spent…

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