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You’re Welcome

I have a friend who is always talking about God’s classroom — the place where we are chiseled and hammered for the purpose of better reflecting His love and character in our own lives. This year He led me into the classroom of hospitality. I had plenty of time to prepare for what was ahead….


The Language of “Yes”

It was a Monday. Mondays come after hectic Sundays and this one found me trying to finalize a paper for school, convince my children to do their school, and run up and down two flight of stairs — to and from the laundry room — so our drawers weren’t empty and we didn’t have to…


Communication Gone Wild

I am odd combination of a firecracker and a people-pleaser. I have a streak of opinion that burns and smile that never fades — until I am home, alone. I desire authenticity and healthy relationships, but I am often unsure of how to render the two. There reaches a point where I am unwilling to…


The Briar Patch

Hope. When I awake in the morning and lay down at night, there is one hope that I can hang onto. It brings peace to all arguments, vision to my life’s dreams, and authenticity in my mistakes: He’s not finished in me. The work He began has not been completed. And my head falls onto…


Chin Down

“You walk with your chin held high. It becomes you.” “Do I?” “Yes. You walk with elegance.” I was only 14, but I already knew this posture of pride and — according to my grandmother — carried it off nicely as I walked across the bridge from high school to her car. I took her…



“Hi,” I reach across the bottom of the slide to shake her hand. “My name is Marian.” I know we’ve only talked for 15 minutes, but are you a potential friend? I chide myself for sounding so desperate and keep talking about a little bit of everything and yet nothing at all. It’s all surface….


Unexpected Friendships: Women Mentoring Women

Unexpected friendships can bridge age gaps, offering layers of complexity and richness of flavor that isn’t often present in friendships with those of us who are the same age. Different from peer-to-peer relationships, these friendships foster community and transparency in a most unexpected way. We recently chatted via email with Ungrind regular contributor Marian Green…


Harnessing Fear

“Boys, watch out for your brother, alright?” “Stay away from the edge of the deck. And especially don’t hang over the side.” “I don’t think you’re ready to ride your bike to the park. You never know what kind of people are up there.” “Honey, did you put the laundry basket at the top of…


Piggy Bank Holiday

I’ve hiked the Camino de Santiago in Spain, swam the turquoise waters around the Seychelles Islands, and surfed the swells off New Zealand’s coast. I’ve shopped in Prague, admired architecture in London, and scaled castle walls in Ireland. Where were my children during my international travels? Except for the castle walls — at which point…


Neither Here, Nor There

There is a bridge between the old things in life and the new. I wasn’t aware of this bridge until I walked across it, but it’s definitely there. The journey from “daily routine” to “exciting new adventure” is longer than I imagined, and not as scenic. In fact, as I wait for our family to…


Hollow Humility

My husband and I both agree: I’m better at our finances. So I do them. He doesn’t ask questions, never looks at statements, and has no idea what any of the passwords on any of our accounts are. I have almost complete control over them—and don’t be mistaken, am thrilled that he trusts me so…


Here We Are

When I think of sacrifice, my mind reels toward the plethora of blessings we shower upon ourselves here in America. Personally, the only thing I see sacrificed when I look around my beautiful home is our savings account. I went to the grocery store the other day and spent $197.98 on ten days worth of…


How Do You See Me?

Sharing is difficult for me. I fault my inability with the fact that I was the only child for nine years. For almost a decade, I shared with no one. By the time my sister was interested in toys, my adolescent self possessed only clothes and diaries. Nearly two decades and three kids later, the…


When Dreams Must Surrender

This was the year I was supposed to realize a dream. Completion of my undergraduate degree was just around the corner. My books had been bought—all $546 of them. A second car was purchased so that I could make the forty-five minute commute averaging thirty-five miles per gallon. Best of all, God had blessed my…


When Humility Beats Pride

There has to be a certain level of pride that lives inside me. For example, each time I open a new blank page and start typing, somewhere I believe that someone will find my life interesting enough to get lost in for the next 5 minutes. Each morning I wake up and spend more than…


Sweetness and Surrender: Part 2

Read Part 1 here. Be on guard. Stand true to what you believe. Be courageous. Be strong. And let everything you do be done in love. (1 Corinthians 16:13-14) On January 16, 2006, our family traveled the 1,600 miles back to Tennessee to begin the trial to terminate the rights of my oldest son’s biological…


Sweetness and Surrender: Part 1

I stepped out of the courtroom to a sea of faces. One side held taunting glares and each pair of eyes seemed to invite me into some unending duel. I quickly diverted my attention to the opposite side of the sea—to all the faces flooded with gratefulness to see me again. To all the smiles…


Got Joy?

Wow! Am I ever happy!! I mean seriously, I feel great!!! I think I could take on the entire world, climb the tallest mountain, clean the entire house in 45 minutes, vacuuming forward while dusting behind!!!! Is this joy? I think so!!!!! All right, maybe it’s the coffee. I did tell the lady at Starbucks…


A Finish to My Beginning

The New Year has come and gone, the ball has dropped, and 2007 is over. Or, I can be a little more optimistic and say the New Year is here, opportunity is fresh, and 2008 has arrived. Either way, I just can’t change the little itch in my life that’s taken residence in the areas…


Do You See What I See

I don’t try to fool myself into thinking that the average person who passes by our home on their morning jog will understand our "landscaping." Landscaping being a word I use very loosely. See, landscaping on a budget doesn’t necessarily allow us to choose the foliage in our yard so that it compliments the house….

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