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Just a Stay-at-Home Mama

It’s Monday afternoon, and I’m having an ugly stay-at-home mama day. You know, the day you haven’t a moment to primp in front of the mirror, so you pull back your hair, throw on a t-shirt, and pray the only familiar face you see is your own reflection in the mini-van rearview mirror. It’s the…


Moving Day

Once upon a time I romanticized moving day. When my husband started graduate studies, I imagined packing up our condo, selling our belongings, and trekking overseas. I knew our time in this university town was temporary, and I savored the notion of reducing our lives to two suitcases. We’d be somewhat like Gandhi figures, possessing…


The Prayers of Mothers

Every morning before the yellow bus rolled down our street, Mama parted my hair in braids, packed a scrumptious lunch, and placed her hand over my part whispering a prayer of protection and guidance. I would squirm in my shoes until she said “amen,” plant a kiss on her cheek, and bolt out the door….


Faith Seeds

My preschooler and I awake to a soft pitter-patter. We watch as God wrings cotton ball clouds over thirsty garden bed. Droplets trickle down pane and sink into blackened earth, turning cracked soil play dough and wilting stems rulers, and right before our eyes, the silky water transforms the landscape. “Read a story.” My son…


The Comparison Monster

Most days, I believe my seventeen-month-old is doing just fine. He seems to be on track developmentally. He’s discovering the freedom of walking, giggling at his mommy’s silly songs, playing with his toys, and conversing with my husband and me in various consonants, diphthongs, and the occasional semblance of a word. He’s growing taller, eating…

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