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My Joy, Your Sorrow

Ding! came the familiar sound of my email inbox. I clicked on my latest message and saw a picture of a friend snuggling her newborn. She and her family thanked God for answering their prayers for a natural, pain medication-free labor and delivery. As quickly as I opened the note, I closed it. The happiness…


Graceless Grace

The passions that took root during my early twenties convinced me a life devoted to social justice would be my future; a future immersed in helping to restore dignity to communities long abandoned, shunned, or ignored. Words such as “justice,” “mercy,” “intentionality,” and “community” peppered my everyday conversation as these concepts deeply resonated with my…


Sun in the Afternoon

I never liked avocados until I was pregnant with my daughter. The mushy consistency and seemingly bland flavor that threw me off for my first 29 years of life became a nonsensical, passionate craving. I chose to say my wedding vows in a breathtakingly beautiful and shockingly scarlet dress. My unusual choice fit my personality…


Forgiving Me

Not surprisingly, my mistakes are many and varied. While I strive to be calm, during moments of frustration, I can easily snap at my husband. I see the look on his face, and I wish I could grab my words and stuff them back into my mind rather than letting them escape from my tongue….


Chicken Chopping and Other Lessons in Wisdom

My mother appears to have very few regrets in life. Not the least of which is my departing home unable to cut up a raw chicken. Jamaican stew chicken with rice and peas were a constant presence every Sunday evening of my growing up years. The preparation began the night before when my mother chopped…


Blue Car Blessings

Before my husband and I were married, we exchanged lists of our life dreams. My list held over 30 bullet points compared to my husband’s six or seven items. On his list, sandwiched between things such as raise a family and travel to New Zealand, was a dream that brought a smile to my face:…


Modern Day Miracle

Talitha. The word is Aramaic for “little girl,” and it is the middle name my husband and I chose for our daughter. The word comes from the passage in the book of Mark where Jesus raises the little girl from the dead. For us, the name is a tangible reminder of the miracles God performed…


The New Normal

Prior to my daughter’s birth, I read that after a baby’s arrival, parents often wait for the chaos to calm and life to return to normal. The problem is that life never returns to normal. Rather, a new normal is created. My little family of three is on the brink of major upheaval. We are…


Tea with My Neighbor

I heard footsteps behind me. This was a first. Although there were twelve apartments in my complex that shared the common clothesline, I hadn’t seen anyone here since arriving in my new home several weeks ago. I peeked from behind the sheets and towels I was hanging and saw a woman about my mother’s age….


Naturally Ever After

“All off. I want to cut it all off.” “No? You want all gone?” The hairdresser gave me a puzzled look. Even if we had both spoken the same language, my desired haircut left room for significant confusion. As it was, she spoke Malagasy, French, and broken English, while I knew English and very few…


Constant God

Tears streamed down my face as I sat in a terminal at the Cape Town International Airport. I’d just bid farewell to my mom. She’d literally traveled from the other side of the world — my hometown of Anchorage, Alaska — to help my husband and me in the early weeks following our daughter’s birth….

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