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Dinner Impossible

I didn’t have high expectations when my daughter was born. Really, I didn’t. I wanted her to be herself, to get to know her, to learn who she was on her own time. I didn’t need her to be smart or funny or especially coordinated. I didn’t dream of her playing varsity sports or getting…


A Hard Year’s Nights

It all started when both my sister-in-law and my husband’s grandmother got themselves hospitalized for serious illnesses in the same week. Just when they both were healthy enough to go home, my husband found out that the six months left on his contract marked the end of his time at a company we both cared…


Normal Courage

The summer after I turned 21, I jumped off the side of a perfectly good mountain. I did this knowing full well I was attached to not one but two parachutes as well as to a staunch Belgian man who had the job of operating them. Still, jumping off the edge of a cliff is…

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