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The Letter that Changed Me

I sat in front of my computer about to do something I never imagined doing: write a letter to my molester. A few days prior, my husband casually mentioned his upcoming business trip. I felt sick and angry inside when I heard where. Attached to this city name were memories from thirty-three years ago I’d…


Desert Faith

Moving to the eastern plains of Colorado brought me more than I expected: the excitement of decorating our first home, landscaping part of our acre of weeds, meeting new friends, finding a church, enrolling my son in school, and finding activities for my preschool daughter. Desert living was nothing like city living. Yes, there is…


Speak No Evil

Minutes after I clicked send to my Aunt Carol’s e-mail, she called me. "Tiffany, did you know the e-mail you just sent me went out to everyone on my distribution list? Including your mom." I must have accidentally hit "reply to all." Soon my mom would read my ugly thoughts about her. I cried as…


Accepting God’s Limitless Love

Dating John was an adventure. He sang Elvis’ Love Me Tender to me in restaurants. He pulled me to the nightclub dance floor when no one else was dancing. Once we met at a steak house and pretended we were on a blind date. We role-played the entire meal and the waiter believed us. Not…

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