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Ashleigh Slater

We’re taking a publishing break!

Lynette Kittle

Musings On Aliens and UFOs

Danielle Ayers Jones

Because Sometimes the Only Time You Have is Today

Amy Storms

Boundaries and Bring Your Pillow to Work Day

Marian Green

The Vulnerability Distortion

Julie Neils

When One Suffers . . .

Kate Motaung

When God Gives You Change

Arlene Pellicane

When You Don’t Feel Grateful as a Mom or Wife

Sarah Bragg

He Gives Shade To The Weary

Briana Almengor

When Doing Justly, Loving Mercy, and Walking Humbly Stand at Odds

Rebecca Radicchi

Championing Our Kids with Pluses, Even on the Hard Days

Mandy Pagano

The Cost of Listening and Obeying

Salina Beasley
Salina Beasley

Moose-Kick Notes Make Me Happy

Patrice Gopo

Canvas Cupcakes

Christina Fox

How the Psalms Speak to Our Emotions

Jessica Boling

Audrey Assad’s Heart: A Review

Rhonda Owens

Dangerously Vulnerable

Anne Swanson

Finding Me

Rebecca Verbeten


Bronwyn Lea

When Love Looks Like ThinkGeek and The Big Bang Theory

Jennifer Napier
Jennifer Napier

Brave in the Midst of Weakness

Sharon Hodde Miller

The Journey of Singleness

Alison Frenzel

The Butterfly Effect

Sarah Forgrave

Fighting Kisses

Amy Kannel

Rudeness Meets Patience

Ginny Hannan

Changing the Lens With Your Special Needs Child

JoAnne Kelly

Keep Dreaming

Kelly Sauer

Grace for the Good Girl: A Review

Suzanne Gosselin

Reinventing Mommy

Kimberly Campbell

The Mom Trap


4 Ways to Get Your Kids Interested in Church

Asheritah Ciuciu

Facing Our Fears in Motherhood

Melissa Brotherton

The Two-Wheeler

Renee Fisher

When God Doesn’t Feel Like Enough

Karin Hume

Freedom Dance

Samantha Krieger

The Next Step

Melanie N. Brasher

Just a Stay-at-Home Mama

Tiffany Stuart

Singing I Surrender All

Jodie Eyberg

Back on Track

Miriam Slagle

It’s Not OK

Jenny Schroedel

Friendship Among Women

Darlene Schacht

The Parable of the Piano

Kristi Neace

Me First

Candice Watters

Browsing for a Mate

Rachel Starr Thomson

While You Wait, Rebekah

Liz Hansen

The Hobbit: A Review

Sarah Winfrey

Dinner Impossible

Misti Gil

The Gut-Level Friend

Abigail Waldron

Messy Lessons

Brittani Schmidt

Into the Light

Meredith Norfleet

Working Stiff

Lisa Jacobson

A Warm, Welcoming Wife

Claire Wood

The Great Purging

Lauren Pratt

Forgetting Me

Alida Oegema

Penciled in Plans

Sara Zoephel

Losing Baby

Mandy Kelly

When Fear Creeps In

Jordan Douglas

Pruning and Joy

Kara Schwab

A Life Unplugged

Stormy Hill

God Reliant

Dorothy Greco

How Photography Exposes Our Self-Hatred

Darla Brown

Mountaintop Rest

Ashley Weis

Shine, Jesus, Shine

Serenity Bohon

Where Troubles Melt

Cherie Wojciechowski

Serving with Eyes on the Eternal

Emily Mueller

With Abandon

Scoti Springfield Domeij

Operation Jumpstart

Libby Selle

North to Adventure

Marty Kasza

Climbing Into Faith

Stefanie Brown

Daddy, I’m Scared

Emily P. Freeman

The Open Life

Amanda Cate

Single Mom in Need of Help

Kathryn Adams

Hats Off {and On}

Rachel Broderick

Feed Your Soul

Ruth Field

The Ruth Question

Julie Davis

What Does Your Toothbrush Say About You?

Sarah Lidbury

Beauty Rooted in Love

Erin Straza

Space and Grace

Carmen Sechrist

The Loyal God

Akofa A. Anyidoho

Jacinta’s Legacy

Michele Mollkoy

The Gaslighter

Michelle DeRusha

Finding God in Glacier

Emily Rose Massey

The Devil’s Decoy Tactics

Tricia Goyer

Capable Arms: A Mother’s Story

Brie Craven

A Full Heart

Sarah Martin

Confidence with Time

Brandy Bruce

Marriage and Fish Sticks

Dabney Hedegard

How Life Gets Easier

Keri Early

Great Expectations

Angela M. Shupe

The Peace Bubble

Elisabeth Adams

Gentleness Lost

Christy Fitzwater

Is Your Future Not What You Had Hoped?

Karen Trigg

The Transparent Me

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As you read, we hope you consider us friends, the kind you feel comfortable sitting across the table with at the local coffee shop. You can read more about me HERE and our team of writers HERE.

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